Nearchos (E21_Person, Concept)

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Nearchos (en), Nearchos (de), Nearco (it), Néarchos (fr)Additional labels


Nearchos is an Athenian black-figure painter active ca. 570-555 BCE who signed as both potter (“epoiesen”) and painter (“egrapsen”). Painting in a miniature style, the artist decorated the kantharos, Little Master cup, plaque (pinax), column krater, and aryballos. Subjects include Herakles, Trojan War, Gigantomachy, Pygmies versus cranes, and Amazons. Findspots include the Athenian Acropolis, Etruria (Cerveteri, Vulci, Vetulonia), Naukratis, Berezan, and Samos (Heraion).

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