Kerameikos Documentation

This page contains documentation for using web services provided by Kerameikos and how to access machine readable serializations through REST and content negotiation.




Aggregate RDF or JSON-LD for Kerameikos ids.
Webservice Type : REST
Url :
Parameters : identifiers (Kerameikos ids divided by a pipe '|'), format ('xml', 'ttl', 'json', default 'xml')
Examples: api/getRdf?identifiers=attica|black_figure|exekias

OpenRefine Reconciliation Service

Service URI:

Kerameikos supports the following reconciliation services for OpenRefine:

  • Main Reconciliation Service
  • Preview API
  • Entity Suggestion API (for autosuggest on matching terms)

All API responses are in JSON. Please see the API documentation and usage documentation for more details. The blog post, Nomisma launches OpenRefine reconciliation service, contains further information about this particular implementation in Kerameikos.

Data Access

Individual Records

Numishare supports delivery of individual records in a variety of models and serializations through both REST and content negotiation. Content negotiation (with the accept header) requests should be sent to the URI space Requesting an unsupported content type will result in an HTTP 406: Not Acceptable error.

Model REST Content Type
HTML{$id} text/html
NUDS/XML{$id}.xml application/xml
KML{$id}.kml application/
RDF/XML{$id}.rdf application/rdf+xml
Turtle{$id}.ttl text/turtle
JSON-LD{$id}.jsonld application/ld+json

Search Results

Search results (the browse page) are returned in HTML5, but Numishare supports Atom and RSS via REST, as well as Atom and raw Solr XML via content negotiation of the browse page URL, The REST-based Atom feed sorts by the Lucene syntax 'timestamp desc' by default, but the sort parameter may be provided manually to alter the default field and order.

Model REST Content Type
HTML text/html
Atom application/atom+xml
Solr/XML N/A application/xml

Kerameikos Concept RDF Dump

Data dumps conforming the Kerameikos Metadata Application Profile (primarily SKOS with classes from CIDOC-CRM and the Kerameikos ontology) are available as RDF/XML.

Pelagios RDF Dump: Kerameikos Geographic Concepts as Gazetteer Places

Data dumps conforming to the Pelagios 3 model are linked on the index page. At present, these files are only available in RDF/XML.