DatasetDescriptionPublisherRights/LicenseCountData Dump
Harvard Art MuseumsGreek vases in the Havard Art MuseumsHarvard Art Museums
The Fralin MuseumThe Greek vases and 3D models of the Fralin Museum at the University of VirginiaRector and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia
Tampa Museum of ArtGreek vases of the Tampa Museum of ArtTampa Museum of Art
Fitzwilliam MuseumAttic Greek vases of the Fitzwilliam MuseumThe Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
J. Paul Getty MuseumGreek vases of the J. Paul Getty MuseumThe J. Paul Getty Trust
Ure Museum of Greek ArchaeologyThe Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, owned by the University of Reading and an integral part of the Department of Classics, is recognised as the fourth largest collection of Greek ceramics in Britain. The collection primarily consists of material from the Greek and Greco-Roman civilisations of the Mediterranean, most notably Greek and Etruscan ceramics and terracottas. Other artifacts include prehistoric pottery, as well as metal and stone artifacts of Greek and Roman date. There is also an important collection of Egyptian antiquities, ranging from the Pre-dynastic to the Roman period.The University of Reading
British MuseumGreek vases of the British MuseumTrustees of the British MuseumCC BY-NC-SA4244