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Lysippides Painter (E21_Person, Concept)

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Lysippides Painter (en), Lysippides-Maler (de), Peintre de Lysippidès (fr), Pittore di Lisippide (it)Additional labels


The Lysippides Painter is the conventional name Sir John Beazley (1885-1970) applied to the individual who he believed painted the black-figure work of the red-figure painter known as the Andokides Painter (see Andokides Painter [Black-figure]; see Andokides Painter [Red-figure]; see Andokides potter [Black-figure]) (ca. 530-515 BCE). It is still debated as to whether they are two artists with identical style or the same artist working in two techniques. Scholars believe the painter to be a student of Exekias.

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